Al Sotack

  • Barbacking Is Damn Hard

    Every bartender has someone who is slicing his fruit, marrying his well, passing him bottles, and trying desperately to stay the hell out of the way.

  • The Convoluted History of the Southside

    The Southside is a cocktail classic, but even some of the most legendary living bartenders can't agree on how it's made or served.

  • Demon Tied to a Chair in My Brain Recipe

    An homage to the Dax Riggs song of the same name, this overproof rum cocktail may not rid your mind of demons, but it'll get 'em tipsy.

  • Drinks Don't Have a Gender

    Even after blatant sexism in advertising has kinda-sorta drifted out of fashion, booze is often still hawked with a glib nod and wink toward gender roles, and the idea that what you drink is a signifier of your masculinity or femininity is still...

  • Sam Hain Recipe

    Made with Cognac, apple brandy, pumpkin syrup, and bitters, this cocktail is no pumpkin spice latte—but it does offer a stiffer, naughtier taste of fall.

  • Why Bartenders Should Probably Just Make the Mojito

    I want everyone to try something weird and exciting, but I don’t want them to feel bad about wanting comfort food either.