Billy Wagner

  • The MUNCHIES Guide to Moselle: Part 4

    Billy visits Dorothee Zilliken and Matthias Knebel in their wine cellars, then joins world-famous German entertainer Thomas Anders for dinner before heading out into the Koblenz nightlife.

  • The MUNCHIES Guide to Moselle: Part 2

    Our host Billy spends time in the vineyards with two of the most famous vintners, Ernie Loosen and Katharina Prüm, and meets living legend Markus Molitor.

  • The MUNCHIES Guide To Moselle: Part 3

    Billy learns about—and takes part in—one of these traditional hunts coordinated in order to protect the riesling grape in the region along the Moselle.

  • The MUNCHIES Guide to Moselle: Part 1

    In the first episode of the MUNCHIES Guide to Moselle, host Billy Wagner takes a look at the Roman roots of wine-making and battles with a real-life gladiator.

  • How-To: Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

    Our host Billy Wagner shows us how to open a bottle of wine using a shoe. Perfect for when you're stranded sans corkscrew.

  • Deep in Germany's Apple Wine Country

    Billy Wagner takes us on a tour through Frankfurt's Sachsenhausen district to visit traditional Apfelwein pubs and taste different versions of this tart, golden-colored booze.