Emily Steer

  • Meet the Bartender Making Wine Without Grapes or a Vineyard

    Ryan Chetiyawardana of London’s White Lyan cocktail bar is making his own “wine” by fermenting herbs, tea, and fruit into an alcoholic drink that mimics the flavours of reds and whites—without grapes.

  • This Is Why You Should Stop Drinking Beer with Indian Food

    Drinking wine at your local curry house has always been weird (why disrupt the beautiful union of Indian food and beer?) but India’s growing wine culture proves that vino and curry may more of a match than initially thought.

  • What Exactly Is 'Sustainable' Wine?

    Defined as wine produced in an ecologically responsible manner (and if you’re talking biodynamic, with a good dose of organic, astrological knowhow), sustainable wine is infiltrating the drinks lists of London’s luxury restaurants.

  • Next Level Absinthe Tripping Has Always Been Psychosomatic

    Lofty 19th century Romantics were really into knocking back absinthe because they believed that it allowed them to transcend the mere mortals of this earth. Sadly, absinthe isn't actually hallucinogenic and any tripping was all in their heads.

  • I Want to Believe in the Coconut Water Hype

    Our obsession with coconuts—their water, flesh, oil and milk—doesn't show any sign of slowing any time soon. But are we right to just be knocking the so-called superfood back without doing some research?

  • This Cheese Gave Me a Nosebleed

    For those with a true cheese addiction, there can be no messing around—only the strongest, most sinus-searingly potent kind will do.