Emily Wasik

  • How Do You Make Amends When Your Nazi Grandfather Was One of the Worst Mass Murderers in Human History?

    Rainer Höß's grandfather was a top exterminator at Auschwitz and his family denies the Holocaust to this day, but he's devoted himself to righting their wrongs any way he can.

  • VICE Meets Anna Konda

    VICE Germany spent a day with Anna Konda, the Herculean dom and founder of Berlin's Female Fight Club, a place women come to from all over the world to wrestle (and sometimes smash watermelons between their thighs).

  • Anna Konda Will Sit on Your Face and You’ll Like It

    At Berlin’s Female Fight Club, women put men in their place—squished under a naked lady’s assmeat. I caught up with club founder Anna Konda to discuss her life as a skull crushing dom and why she believes women should always be on top.

  • Being on Call for a Swiss Call Girl

    In Switzerland, prostitution has been legal since 1942, with an estimated annual turnover of 3.79 billion dollars. I caught up with Alice Sala, an ethnologist, who worked as a receptionist for a prostitute at an erotic massage Parlor in Geneva to learn...

  • Kira Radinsky Is an Internet Oracle

    Dr. Kira Radinsky can see into the future. She is pioneering predictive data-mining software that can forecast natural disasters, disease epidemics, social unrest, and violence outbreaks.

  • The Best Of Berlin Art Week

    From sound art to invisibility cloaks, we're bringing you all that was gut at this year's festival.