Hannah Brooks

  • An Unladylike Article About Addiction

    Substance abuse is at odds with what's expected of women. But here I am, a woman in rehab, facing how addiction challenges everything that's ever been expected of me.

  • My Heroin Rehab Diary

    "I am tired of the putrid stench of sweat and the overwhelming compulsion to use, use, use because if I don’t, I will die."

  • Confessions of a Heroin Addict

    In this new series, writer Hannah Brooks reflects on addiction, recovery, and relapse.

  • Reality is Threatening to Families

    Just over a month ago, works by numerous world-renowned documentary photographers were scheduled to appear on large outdoor screens at Sydney’s Circular Quay as part of the Vivid Festival. The exhibition of projections was a collaboration between...

  • Queens of Beef Week

    Beefy girls compete for the Beef Week Queen crown in Casino, Australia.

  • The Dog Hunters

    With a population of 1,166, the Queensland town of Esk is most notable for being on the way to somewhere else. Residing there are two men who are known for their skills as dog hunters. We caught up with both of them.