Jesse Hirsch

  • Bird Flu Is Forcing Egg Prices to Skyrocket

    Remember those 5 million sad Iowa chickens, sentenced to death to stave off an avian flu epidemic? Well, industry analysts are now reporting supermarket egg prices up 58 percent from just one month ago.

  • A Midwestern Man Resold 100,000 Pounds of Filthy, Condemned Cheese

    A former head honcho at a Mexican queso company was just convicted for scraping slimy, salmonella-laced fungal filth off literal tons of FDA-rejected cheese, then packaging and selling it to consumers.

  • How to Eat Like Jackson Pollock

    In a new cookbook, photographer Robyn Lea amasses recipes by action painter Jackson Pollack and his wife Lee Krasner, along with anecdotal insights into how these larger-than-life artists chose to cook, eat, and live.

  • Can We Blame a Restaurant for a Bloody Biker Massacre?

    Sunday was a bloody day in Waco. Nine people were left dead after turf issues between two rival gangs escalated into full-scale warfare at a Twin Peaks location—and many are condemning the restaurant for hosting them.

  • Yep, America's Bees Are Still Dying

    In a comprehensive study released yesterday, researchers from the University of Maryland found that in the past year US beekeepers lost 42 percent of their bees. This is the second highest annual loss ever.

  • Iceland Is Running Out of Meat

    Iceland's slaughterhouses and meatpacking facilities are required to get frequent vet inspections—but with the nation's veterinarians currently on strike, a meat apocalypse looms.