Ken Baumann

  • A Task

    In the future, Americans may be forced to cross the border in search of a better life in Mexico.

  • Landmarks Alone

    The first convincing prototype of artificial consciousness was an accident: Tom pasted a block of cryptocurrency code into a neural modeler. Now there's a mind in there, and it's calling itself Tom.

  • Carcinogens

    Behold the future of online stunt journalism.

  • My Days of Bibliomancy with Virgil's 'Aeneid'

    I first read about sortes virgilianae in Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book, 'Antifragile.' He described the heuristic technique and said it was a little trick he used when faced with a big business decision. The gist of it is this: Open Virgil's 'Aeneid...

  • Jonathan Gold Gave Me Crohn's Disease

    And I sat in the hospital for 14 days vomiting through my nose while a team of doctors did unholy things to my body.