Paige Aarhus

  • Quality Time with Kenya's Secessionists

    Kenya's MRC just want their piece of the pie.

  • Drinks with the Girls

    I sat down with the working girls at Abu’s, a horrifying hole in the wall bar/brothel on Nairobi’s extremely sketchy River Road, to talk HIV and the proposed legalization of prostitution.

  • Being a Kenyan Graffiti Artist Takes Balls

    Boniface Mwangi is a Kenyan photojournalist turned graffiti artist that likes to mess with politicians and doesn't care if he gets caught.

  • Busara Was a Blast

    I woke up one morning on the floor covered in octopus tentacles and money with no idea what happened. I assume it was a good night.

  • Kenya Finally Decided to Take War Crimes Seriously

    The international media had been anxiously awaiting another explosion of crazy violence on Monday, but while things were indeed tense in the pub, people seemed pretty stoic about the whole thing.

  • The Mungiki, the Taliban, and Me

    The Mungiki are not only Kenya's most violent and notorious mafia/cult/political movement, they might be the largest gang in the world.

  • East Africa's Space Program

    When you think "countries on the cutting edge of deep space exploration," Kenya is not usually the first that jumps to mind.

  • On the Edge of an Exploding Volcano

    Visiting the Congo's crazy, blackened, smoking hellscape right after the election.

  • Pirate Patrolling in Coastal Kenya

    Tourists come here for spectacular white sand beaches and "Old World charm," but you won't see a lot of them here these days because this is the frontline of a new war.

  • Touring East Africa in a Clunker

    It was a wild adventure, in the sense that everything went wrong--we lost hubcaps, suffered from alcohol poisoning, ran out of gas, and got arrested.

  • Really Strange Brew

    I'm in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya, to taste my first glass of chang'aa, a local form of moonshine