Trevor Snapp

  • Mogadishu Summer

    Ever since fundamentalist al Shabaab militants were chased from the city by an African Union peacekeeping force three years ago, Lido Beach has become a trope for peace, the stage for Mogadishu’s renaissance.

  • Dispatch from Cairo: Navigating the Egyptian Elections

    To an outsider, Egypt's hastily organized elections looked like anarchy.

  • Dispatch From Cairo: The Past Few Days In Tahrir

    Everyone's still fighting.

  • Dispatch from Cairo: The Past Few Days in Tahrir

    Six days, or 144 hours of pitched street battles between Egypt's loathed police, and the young vanguard of the country spring for a (some would say second) revolution.

  • The New Libyans

    The Friday after former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak fled Cairo, I strolled through the postrevolution euphoria in Tahrir Square: men and women on their knees reciting thankful prayers, cheering teenagers, and giddy, hopeful children. It was a...

  • The New Libyans

    Trevor Snapp is a photojournalistic superhero, so it was no surprise that "The New Libyans" piece we posted yesterday was one of the best things we've seen about the conflict thus far. It will run in the April issue of the print magazine, but we deemed...