Zack Baddorf

  • Syria Is Obama's Rwanda

    American officials say they want to do more to help the horrifying situation in Syria, but they’re stopped by the White House.

  • Syria Is Obama's Rwanda

    The regime’s sarin-gas-filled bombs harmed thousands, but Syrians celebrated, thinking that even with the horrors of the attacks, the West would finally take down Assad. Nine months later, American officials say they want to do more, but they’re...

  • We Spoke with the Euromaidan Activist Who Was Forced to Flee Crimea

    As the head of the Euromaidan movement in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, Ukraine, Viktor Neganov led about 100 Ukrainians in his hometown to call for an end to corruption. Once the Russian troops took control of the peninsula, Viktor escaped to Kiev...

  • Yanukovych: ‘I’m the Real President’

    After fleeing from the overwhelming number of EuroMaidan protesters in Kiev, former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych resurfaced today in Russia, claiming at a press conference that he’s still “the real president.”

  • Trapped in a Town Under Siege: Syrian Children Are Eating Leaves to Survive

    When she was brought to a field hospital, Rana Obaid had all the signs of severe malnutrition—a bloated belly, glassy eyes, hollow cheeks, and bloodied gums. Doctors examined her but there was little they could do. The one-year-old died within a day...