• Israeli's Craft Distilleries Are Giving Arak a Second Life

    A Lebanese Christian who once fought Hezbollah is but one of a handful of distillers who have settled in the Galilee, a region in northern Israel best-known as Jesus's stomping grounds. There, they are giving traditional liquor a new life.

  • How to Drink Moonshine in Bali

    Balinese arak is made in MacGyvered backyard stills. Even if you manage to avoid a batch laced with lethal methanol, you'll need a few pointers on drinking it—lest you wind up on your belly, hanging off a ledge, vomiting into a tangle of weeds, begging...

  • Beer and Loathing in Post-Muslim Brotherhood Cairo

    Businesses are still hurting, and possible tax hikes on alcohol to plug Egypt’s strained public finances might mean more pain, but this country's alcohol industry has been here before.