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  • These Occult Cocktails Taste Like Delicious Nightmares

    Make like a vampire and sip on a Nosferatini, or gulp a Bone Marrow cocktail out of a bone. It's time to get wickedly weird with Tony Conigliaro's creepy drink creations.

  • These Cocktails Taste Like an Opera

    Tony Conigliaro is the man famous for deconstructing the cocktail into its molecular components, and then building it back up again—like Nietzsche, but tastier. I visited his laboratory to find out what inspires him to make drinks that taste like a...

  • How-To: Make Gothic Cocktails with Tony Conigliaro

    Tony takes us deep into the underworld by creating three gothic-inspired cocktails including the Nosferatini – a martini that tastes like blood—and the Silver Bullet, a werewolf's worst nightmare.

  • Soy Cubano Recipe

    We tried to combine the romance of Havana—a place I adore—and the literal reality of the movie 'Soy Cuba.' This cocktail from 69 Colebrooke Row features rum, white soy sauce, sherry, and tobacco essence for a uniquely nuanced, smoky drinking...