• David Lynch in Philly, a City He Feared

    Eraserhead can be viewed, in part, as a horrified reaction to a city in the throes of urban crisis. The contrast between Lynch's childhood suburb and declining industrial Philadelphia could hardly have been starker.

  • Revisiting 'Twin Peaks'

    Recently, I’ve been hearing a whole lot about David Lynch, and not from the Lynch camp or concerning any new projects. Rather, I’ve been hearing about Lynch from people who have been re-watching Lynch’s work, especially Twin Peaks.

  • Cannibal Sativa

    I was drunk on malt liquor when I smoked my first hit of marijuana. I went bananas and nearly jumped seven stories out of my Upper West Side apartment window.

  • BizarroCon Is the Writers’ Retreat From Hell

    Eraserhead Press hosts the most insane literary minds this side of Ted Kaczynski's shack.