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  • Oh, What a Dirty War

    During the Dirty War in Argentina, members of the Catholic hierarchy were fully awake to what was going on around them. A few behaved decently and stuck their necks out for the victims; some were tortured and themselves killed.

  • Religions Are Cults

    I’m an atheist-scientologist. It’s really simple. The reason I look toward Scientology is because it’s a religion mostly based on science and fact. I don’t believe in cosmos or agnosticism. I believe there’s just life on Earth and then you die. It’s...

  • A Response to the Detractors of Our Burqa-for-a-Day Article

    Two days ago our fashion editor posted an article detailing her experience wearing a face mask and blanket with sleeves in New York City. While there have been many, many supporters of her piece, there have of course been a few detractors.