• Our Nearest Neighbor Star Hosts an Earth-Mass Planet

    An Earth-ish planet orbiting a red dwarf star would be the saddest thing. A perfect ball of rock, featuring plenty of carbon and water and methane, orbiting a dark star with no visible light, and stuck in tidal lock. That is, it orbits the star so...

  • CERN Is Not Creating World-Destroying Black Holes, Court Rules

    A nice, concerned and probably crazy German woman is out of luck after a higher administrative court in Muenster rejected her claim that the particle accelerator at CERN is quietly creating a black hole that will destroy all of mankind. "The plaintiff...

  • The Navy's MacGyver Bot Makes Its Own Tools, Doesn't Have a Mullet

    Having whole-heartedly employed "drones": for air strikes, the U.S. military is now embarking on a project to put autonomous robots on the ground to serve as...