• The Final Secret of David Wojnarowicz

    Since he died of AIDS, David Wojnarowicz has been the subject of a movie, a biography, and an upcoming Whitney retrospective, but he has one last secret: the Magic Box.

  • Britain's Free Art Schools Are Making Art Education Accessible Again

    While students in the UK have ​taken to the streets to protest the sorry state of being in college, there has been a quieter, more gradual protest going on: the development of free art schools.

  • The rOtring 800 Series Could Change the Future of Paper

    This weekend rOtring releases a new product that could influence the future of paper—the rOtring 800+ Mechanical Pencil + Premium Stylus Hybrid, a tool artists can use to draw on both paper and touch-screen surfaces.

  • Matt Mignanelli

    His paintings may seem simple at first glance, but spend more time with them and you'll start to admire the patterns created by light and energy. We hung out with Matt at his studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and talked about his work, life, and strong...

  • Matt Curry

    When we went to Washington, DC, to meet the Grammy-nominated illustrator, he showed us his most recent work, the various techniques he uses, and his small studio in the middle of the woods.

  • Ghost of a Dream

    Ghost of a Dream is the collaboration of sculptor Lauren Was and painter Adam Eckstrom. A few months ago we met up with them and got a chance to explore their works in progress, look at the variety of materials they use, and hear how they came to...