personal histories

  • Britain Needs to Give Heroin Addicts Something Better Than Methadone

    For six years I’ve been struggling to beat a heroin addiction, and I'm convinced that trying to switch over to methadone isn't the answer—but the people in charge of drug policy in the UK disagree.

  • I Survived the Isla Vista Shooting

    Last Friday, I did some laundry, rewatched episodes of Game of Thrones, and passed out on the sofa. It was a typical day—at least until I woke up to a loud BLAM.

  • I Can’t Stop Pooping

    Around the time I started having anal sex with my high school boyfriend, my life changed forever. Specifically, it became a lot more focused on excuses for having to go to the bathroom.

  • My Life as a Convicted Gun Offender Who Did Nothing Wrong

    I served four months in prison because police found legally owned unloaded guns in my car, and only went free thanks to an executive order from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I'm still barred from seeing my son or living a normal life.

  • I Got Raped, Then My Problems Started

    One out of six American women has been the victim of rape or attempted rape. I am one of those women. I was sexually assaulted in 2010, but thanks to an aggressive, well-paid defense lawyer, my attacker ended up walking free.

  • The Strongest Dwarf in New Jersey

    When I was a toddler in New Jersey, my only playmate was the seven-year-old dwarf who lived next door. And although I don't blame him for anything, that dwarf came to physically torment me to the point of bruises and diapers full of sand.