• World Peace Update

    This is a little awkward, but I just figured out that the guys on the Norwegian Nobel Comittee haven't been following this column, because if they had they surely wouldn't have awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union this week.

  • There Was a "Skate Riot" in LA

    WIth the Arab Spring, Occupy, Israel's J14 protests, Mexico's #YoSoy132 movement, and that one Jay-Z/Kanye West music video, it seems that youth-revolt fever is taking over the globe. I guess it was only a matter of time before American youth said...

  • World Peace Update

    While the rest of you have spent the last couple of weeks or so salivating over Usain Bolt's extensive limbs and laughing at London Mayor Boris Johnson's hairdo, I've been researching the ways in which the Olympic spirit has once again failed us. We're...