t. kid

  • Stoned At the Doctor's Office

    Everyone has a story about the first time they ever smoked weed, and it usually sucks. The better story is the one about the first time you got really, really high.

  • Weediquette: I Baby-Sat a Moron

    Here's a story about a purse-loser I once knew.

  • Weediquette: Working at Home Is Great

    If waking up at 11 and typing in bed until 5 in the afternoon is a recipe for crazy, then I’m completely out of my fucking mind. It’s the only way I can live.

  • The Weed Industry Luncheon

    It didn’t occur to me that New York made any progress on medical marijuana until I attended a cannabis industry luncheon in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago.

  • Don't Smoke Out Your Neighbors

    I smoked out my friend's neighbor, and then the neighbor made me call the cops because he was hallucinating that he was a victim of a home invasion.

  • It's Always Best to Keep Your Mouth Shut

    Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s generally best to keep your mouth shut in a sticky situation. It took me a few run-ins with the police in my teenage years to figure this out.