The Fame Issue

  • Huns Weigh In on Hun Culture

    The UK online phenomenon—which deifies soap stars, girl group members, and terrible 2000s fashion—offers a welcome alternative to traditional celebrity culture.

  • Eve from ‘Bug Juice’ Would Love It If You’d Stop Emailing Her

    A mysterious star of the early reality TV era reflects on summer camp, the weird nature of viral fame, and the real reason she was kicked out of Brush Ranch.

  • The Business of Mimicry Is Thriving on TikTok

    Posting on the app is an open invitation for commenters to demand every material detail of a person’s life, down to their eyelash routine and pants size.

  • The Influencer Next Door

    Depending on whom you ask, Tyler Johnson, aka CreaTyler, may be one of the internet’s most elusive or most dubious influencers. To me, he’s just someone I grew up with.

  • The Deuxmoi of It All

    As the Instagram account has exploded over the past year, fans have been abuzz over its impact on the celebrity rumor mill. But are gossip experts equally impressed?

  • Everyone Loves a Hollywood Robbery

    For as long as celebrities have existed, they’ve been stolen from. And as the robberies have evolved, so has the security.