The Horror Issue

  • Killer Costumes

    We asked everyone in the world to send us their best costume ideas. Send your pics to View new submissions here.

  • The Grim Rapper

    We haven't said a whole lot about Aussie hip hop before, mainly because much of it is truly frightening and we find its obsession with average colloquial humour hard to take. So, when one of the guys who has been in it from the get go, puts out a new...

  • The First And Maybe Last Annual Vice Halloween Costume Contest

    Picking out what to wear for All Hallow's Eventide, a.k.a. Satan's B-Day, can be next to impossible. What you need to get your motor running is some inspiration. We asked Josh the yeti-maker from the previous page and his friend Blake to come up with...

  • Living Nightmare

    The great thing about horror films is that even while you're shitting your pants, you know deep down that everything is going to be ok-in and outside the film. This is not the case with Paradise Lost, the Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky doco...

  • Tidbits

    SPIDER COCK MANAgain the Japanese get it all wrong. This is a very tickly cock ring with a hundred pointy tentacles that shoot out from the dick at all angles, which implies that women

  • Vice Fashion - Bite Me

    Photos by Adrian MeskoStyling by Stevie Dance

  • Grimewatch

    Ok, so the MOBOs hate black people. Well, not black people, but Roll Deep who weren’t even invited to the awards show. Maybe next year their record label could pay £30,000 for an old stage set of Fat Sam’s Speakeasy from Bugsy Malone and they could...

  • The Darkest White Boy

    Despite our constant support and coverage of grime we still get criticised for focusing on the more aggressive (interesting) aspects of the scene, while ignoring its cousin, dubstep (which is kind of like dark, spaced-out grime with lots of sub bass...

  • Yo Dyke! Smash The Patriarchy!

    Eileen Wunderlich walks around Berlin looking for animal carcasses so she can take them home and truss them up like they're extras in a Marilyn Manson video made about seven years ago by an Italian goth.

  • Roman Ruins

    What's happened to Rome? Thirty years ago, the Italian capital was the only place to be if you wanted in on psychedelic horror flicks and schlocky b-movie violence. Directors like Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and Fernando Di Leo took the Hitchcock pyscho...

  • Vice Fashion - Trick Or Treat

    Photos by Kristian BengtssonStyling by Lisa Sundström