The Showbiz Issue

  • Beelzebub's Daughter

    Even by the standards of New Agey, cult-friendly LA, Zeena Schreck had a bizarre and abusive upbringing at the hands of parents who made the devil more famous than he’s ever been.

  • Records

    This is one of the last things Jerry Fuchs recorded before his death three years ago. I don’t drum and can’t tell you the first thing about what is going on here or why he was as good as he was, but oh God, me rikey.

  • Jumping Bunnies

    Why isn't there a television channel devoted to broadcasting bunny show jumping 24 hours a day yet?

  • Eastbound & Brown

    Kenny Powers's baby can throw a baseball faster than an electric butthole.

  • VICE Presents Your Guide to Movieland Homes

    Come with Sean Tejaratchi on a star-studded, surprisingly intimate tour of the most glamourous estates in Tinseltown!

  • A Shrimpy-Batdude Adventure

    Suddenly, Shrimpy Batman senses trouble! It's lunch time. But what should he and the LOLS (Legion of Look-Alike Superheroes) eat?