Volume 12 Issue 9

  • Vice Fashion - Killed By Death

    Photos by Lilli KuschelStylism by Hili Perlson

  • Vice Fashion - Trick Or Treat

    Photos by Kristian BengtssonStyling by Lisa Sundström

  • Vice Fashion - Horror Camp Massacre

    Photos By Richard KernStyling by Gia Bahm

  • Taake Is Dead

    We just got off the phone with our new friend Fenriz (that's how he answers his phone. We're texting friends right now to let them know), and he told us "Modern Black Metal is horror for me, hahaha!" And even though we agree that some parts of the...

  • Horror Hotel

    It was a spooky October night in Philadelphia, a town rife with the ghosts of Revolutionary War heroes, homeless crack addicts, and the Dead Milkmen's drummer. You can feel history and hauntedness just oozing like ectoplasm out of the ancient...

  • We Hate Horror

    Making this issue was a lot of fun because the main editors are secret horror nerds, but one thing we really noticed when trawling through all this stuff was: how come pretty much every horror movie that Hollywood shits out these days looks like if...

  • Gross Jar

    Ever since our bacchanalian yarf-off back in August, we've been sort of quietly avoiding the Gross Jar. Everyone's high spirits that day filled us with a speedlike sense of ambition and we swore to really get back into the project, but then we couldn't...

  • Living Nightmare

    The great thing about horror films is that even while you're shitting your pants, you know deep down that everything is going to be ok-in and outside the film. This is not the case with Paradise Lost, the Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky doco...

  • The vice Guide To Horror Villains

    Real horror fans are nerds who want revenge. We root for our favorite villains the whole way through the film because we WANT the innocents to be killed and tortured. Therein lies the fun. That's why the victims of all the slasher films are preppy...

  • Vice Pictures - Pretty Gory

  • Shout At The Jersey Devil

    Every place has its creepy legends and ghost stories-it's just that New Jersey has more of them than anywhere else. There are actual destinations in Jersey called Mount Misery and Ghost Lake and Shades of Death Road. Jersey is reputedly home to the...

  • Yo Dyke! Smash The Patriarchy!

    Eileen Wunderlich walks around Berlin looking for animal carcasses so she can take them home and truss them up like they're extras in a Marilyn Manson video made about seven years ago by an Italian goth.