Volume 17 Issue 3

  • Dressed to Kill (or Be Killed)

    One of the key elements of bullfighting is the costume. Brightly colored and intricately embroidered with real silver and gold, appliqué and sequins, in Spanish they’re known as trajes de luces (“suits of lights”).

  • The Return Of The Hat

    It's often stated that Kennedy's hatless inaugural appearance sparked a mass rejection of hat wearing from which the hat industry never recovered.

  • Today’s Viking

    And now, just for the sake of historical accuracy in light of the preceding photo story, which is accurate in lots of ways but not so accurate in some key ways, we present an interview with a real, a seriously really real, Viking.

  • Shrouded History

    Let's Take a Look Behind the Veil.

  • Brix Smith

    In the 1980s, Brix Smith was best known as a guitarist in The Fall, and as the wife of its frontman Mark E. Smith, whom she divorced. Brix was one of very few women in British indie at a time when it was still any good.

  • We Want War

    Matthew Stone is an artist who was a founder of the south London !WOWOW! collective and has exhibited his work internationally. These New Puritans are so loved by Planet Fashion that Hedi Slimane got them to soundtrack his 2007 Dior Homme show.

  • Flatmates

    Photos by Chris Diprose, Styling by Jonny Goldcoast

  • Artful Meanderings

    Jane Badler is easily best known for her role as Diana in the 80s sci-fi series, V, where she played a villainous alien lizard posing on earth as a friendly, stunning-looking human. The specific scene she's best remembered for is one in which she...

  • Gilles Larrain

    I can't remember when I first saw the book Idols by Gilles Larrain. Published in 1973, it's a collection of studio portraits of trannies, gender-benders, and just generally awesome-looking people in New York City.

  • Dressing The Part

    A Chat With Bonnie Monte, Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, regarding the outfits you’ve just seen.

  • Vice Comics

    By Michael Deforge

  • An Actor Prepares

    Photos by Terry Richardson, Styling by Pamela Prior for the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.