Watch the Trailer For Season 2 of the 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

Being a teenager is rough when you're being tormented by the ripped, shirtless undead.
Jack Sunnucks
6 hours ago
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India Arrests Players of 'Addictive' Online Video Game

Labelled “a demon in every house”, PUBG is facing a crackdown in Gujarat.
Pallavi Pundir
a day ago

Searches For Sustainable Fashion Have Increased by 66% in the Past Year

Research by fashion search engine Lyst suggests that consumers are being more aware and careful about what they purchase.
Roisin Lanigan
2 days ago

Tumblr‘s Users Have Called It Quits

The site’s porn ban resulted in a loss of over 150 million visitors.
Nicole DeMarco
3 days ago
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Students Are Suing the Hell out of Schools Tied to the College Bribery Scam

One woman and her son are asking for $500 billion.
Allie Conti
4 days ago

Indonesia’s Latest Suicide Bombing Is a Sign of Women’s Increasing Role in Terrorism

A woman blew herself up in a police raid after her husband, an alleged ISIS-linked terrorist, was arrested on Wednesday.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
4 days ago
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This Vape Store Robbery Footage Is 2019’s Best Comedy Film

When you hear the term ‘vape store robbery,’ you can be assured we’re not dealing with high level crooks.
Mack Lamoureux
4 days ago

Hong Kong Now Has Its Own 'Hikikomori' Problem Where Young People Are Shutting the Door on Society

Why some people are trying to disappear in one of the world's most-densely populated cities.
James Durston

Canada Bans All Boeing 737 MAX 8 Planes From Its Airspace

Transport minister Marc Garneau cited new satellite data as the reason for the decision.
Hilary Beaumont

Everything We Know About the School Shooting in Brazil

"Things like this don’t happen in Brazil, but other countries,” said the Brazilian vice president, who added “violent video games” may have influenced the killers.
Marie Declercq

Smoking One Cigarette a Day Is Way Worse than Experts Thought

There is no such thing as safe smoking whatsoever, this study concludes.
Troy Farah

Why Are We So Obsessed with Plane Crashes?

Plane crashes are terrifying. As humans, they play to some sort of visceral fear inside of us—we aren't supposed to fly, so the thought of something going wrong up there is particularly unsettling.
Mark Hay