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Japan Is Opening a Hotel Dedicated to E-Sports

The first three floors are solely for gaming, with over 70 computers available to guests.
Meera Navlakha
a day ago
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This Tokyo Bar is Run By Virtual Anime Characters

The pop-up bar bar is set to have eight virtual stars in charge, who speak to guests and keep them engaged.
Meera Navlakha

The Japanese Artist Who Vacuum-Packs Couples Now Does Houses

Haruhiko Kawaguchi explores the claustrophobia of suburban living.
Yuichi Abiko
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You Can Now Buy Sex Toys From Vending Machines in Japan

Hundreds of people flocked to the machines on their opening day.
Gavin Butler
Tokyo 2020

A Heatwave Turned Tokyo's Olympics Preparations Into a Deadly Nightmare

A 50-year-old worker died this week, reportedly of heatstroke, as temperatures in Tokyo rose to an average of 94 degrees.
Tim Marcin
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Japan Has Built a Flying Car that Actually Works

The new vehicle reached a height of three metres and hovered for about a minute.
Meera Navlakha
Gavin Butler

Japan Just Carried Out Its First Execution of the Year

The country joins the United States as the only two developed democracies in the world to carry out the death penalty.
Meera Navlakha
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Tamil Nadu Is An Unexpected Japanese Haven in South India

Japanese expatriates and businesses alike have found reason to call this Southern Indian state home, leading to great cultural exchange.
Meera Navlakha
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Medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Will Be Made From Recycled Phones

Nothing like being a good sport with some environmentally-conscious bling.
Shamani Joshi

South Korea Fighter Jets Just Fired 360 Warning Shots at a Russian Aircraft

Russia hasn't said what its aircraft was doing there, but it fits a pattern of the Kremlin trying to stoke tensions in the region — and it worked.
David Gilbert
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Women in Japan are Fighting to Save their Own Last Names After Marriage

An age-old law in Japan reinforces that husbands and wives must have the same last name – but women are fighting back.
Meera Navlakha
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Fire Breaks Out at Japanese Animation Studio, with 10 Presumed Dead

Authorities are suspecting a possible arson attack at a three-story studio of Kyoto Animation Co.
Gavin Butler