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NOLIFE Is the Frank Ocean-Endorsed Producer Bridging Hardcore and Musique Concrète

We talked to New York artist Sean Engvold about how isolation and urban environments inspired his latest EP.
Max Mertens
the xx

The xx Announce New Album and Share Track, “On Hold”

The band’s third album, ‘I See You’ will be out on January 13 on Young Turks.
Anna Codrea-Rado
young turks

Jack ‘Jackass’ Miller Is the Shoey-Drinking Young Rev-Head Leading Australia’s MotoGP Resurgence

While he's seen as a bit of a young prick by the older generation, he's undeniably developing quite the solid fan-base.
Alexi Falson

Here’s Your 'What I Did for Summer’ O Week Cheat Sheet

Nobody has to know that you spent the summer working night fill at the local IGA.
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Watch the Mesmerising, Sunlight-Dappled Video for Bing & Ruth's New Single "Rails"

The video is for the plaintive, orchestral lead single off their forthcoming album, 'City Lake,' for RVNG Intl.
Michelle Lhooq
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Let's All Go to Space in Jamie xx's Video for "Gosh"

Imagine a Discovery channel special on deep space soundtracked by some crazy-ass beats from Jamie xx.
Noisey Staff
Ask A Lawyer

We Asked a Copyright Expert Whether Hugo Boss Ripped Off The xx

As the Hugo Boss ad is removed from YouTube due to copyright claims, we ask a music copyright expert whether or not they have ripped off The xx.
Joe Zadeh

We Talked To The Animator Of SBTRKT's Spooky New Music Video

An interview with Dutch director Fons Schiedon about his surreal animated clip for SBTRKT’s first single.
Leander Roet

Listen to a New Song from Young Turks

It's all moshy and fingerpointy.