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Some Questions for Delivery Man Caught Eating Toppings Off Customer's Pizza

Is nothing sacred?

by Allison Tierney
Jan 24 2018, 4:40pm

Screenshot via YouTube

A Domino’s delivery guy in Surrey, British Columbia was caught on video devouring toppings off a customer’s pizza in an elevator on the way to drop it off to a customer.

In a phone interview with CTV News, Domino’s Pizza expressed embarrassment and apologized to its customers. Jeff Kacmarek, Domino’s vice-president of marketing, said in the interview, “Obviously we don’t condone this behaviour… We have thousands of hard-working, good drivers, working for us every day and providing great service to our customers and it’s just unfortunate that this particular incident hurts them.”

Be that as it may, we have some questions for this hungry rogue delivery person.

What stage is this in the Domino’s Tracker?

Can someone please tell us if this guy is including this in the “Quality Check” stage or the “Out for Delivery” stage?

What is his opinion on Hawaiian pizza?

Could this delivery man actually be a hero saving his customer from the scourge that is pineapple on pizza?

How many times has this happened and the delivery person didn’t get caught?

Apparently it happened another time with a different pizza company in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2013. Really makes you wonder how many times this happened around the world without an elevator camera catching it. Quite troubling indeed. If I owned a frozen pizza company, I’d consider “Know Your Pizza is Safe. Buy Frozen. It Comes in Plastic” as a tagline. (Dr. Oetker, hmu.)

Is there a strategy to picking off toppings so that the customer doesn’t notice their pizza has been meddled with?

It appears at about 20 seconds into the video of the Domino’s driver in BC that he’s snacking on toppings with calculated precision. I mean, you can’t eat all the sausage off the meat lover’s pizza, gotta spread the topping love around.

Are you more likely to get your pizza toppings eaten by the delivery person if you live on an upper floor rather than a lower one?

In the video from BC, it appears the guy pushes a pretty up-there number in a condo building elevator. Certainly upper floors allow more time for topping-eating. One could reason that those on lower floors are less likely to have delivery people dipping into their goods before arrival at their door.

To echo the concierge of the building who reported the topping-munching delivery person to the resident whom it was delivered to, “Who likes to eat used pizza, right?” Even bad pizza can still be good, but certainly having a stranger eat off your pie with their bare hands takes it down a notch.

Domino’s said it fired the employee after finding out about his snacking misadventure and reported him to authorities. He was reportedly a college student (OK, this checks out) and had been employed by the company since July.

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