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Brian McManus is VICE's Director of Branded Editorial. In past lives he was our Special Projects Editor, the music editor at BuzzFeed and the Village Voice, a touring musician, and a professional chef.


The Total Skeptic's Guide to 'the World's Largest UFO Convention'

Ignore, ignore, and ignore until you can't ignore anymore.
Brian McManus

We Asked People at a UFO Conference About Their Alien Encounters

"My first abduction experience happened in the womb because my mom was abducted."
Brian McManus

I Used a 'Human Uber' Surrogate to Do My Job for Me

And it was terrible.
Brian McManus
Star Wars

Tip: Make Everyone at Your Halloween Party Dress Like Darth Maul

These photos prove it's the only way to avoid the holiday's two most embarrassing pitfalls.
Brian McManus

These Parents Are Proud as Hell of Their Lame-Ass Teens

Today's teenagers don't drink, don't smoke. What do they do? Study, mostly.
Brian McManus

Waiting Out Harvey in My Parents' Trailer Is a Slow-Churning Nightmare

In the drive leading up to their spot outside our hometown of Houston, a sign reads "Ruff Enuff." My parents' place isn't flooded, but this is the worst storm we've seen.
Brian McManus

Liberals Are Treating Their Bodies Like Garbage Cans After Trump's Win

"I haven't been sober this year, I don't think."
Brian McManus

Why a Music Festival Let the World Believe a Harambe Hologram was Part of Its Lineup

A last second joke addition to a lineup exposed a ton about meme culture, clickbait, the state of journalism, how news is shared, and affection for a dead gorilla.
Brian McManus
Vice Blog

We Read One-Star Reviews of 'Run Lola Run' to Franka Potente

"I'd rather you felt strongly one way or the other than not at all."
Brian McManus
Vice Blog

People Told Us About the Weirdest Thing They Ever Ate While Stoned

Sushi. On a hotdog.
Brian McManus
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These Photos from a Duct Tape Festival in Ohio Will Inspire You

There's so much more to do with "dad's favorite fix-all."
Brian McManus
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Gravediggers in Hungary Held a Race to Show the Kids Gravedigging Is Cool

At a gravedigging competition in Debrecen, Hungary, the fastest two-man team dug one in an impressive 34 minutes.
Brian McManus