What ‘Defining the Relationship’ Means for 3 Different Couples Right Now

We sat down with three real couples to discuss marriage, healthy intimacy, contraception, and "defining the relationship."

This video was created in partnership with Plan B.

We’re living in the grand era of “situationships,” of polycules, of platonic co-parents. Marriage is far from mandated, and childbearing years don’t end until we say they do. The rules of romance are no longer prescribed: In 2021, it’s all dealer’s choice. 

So what does intimacy really look like right now? And on that note—what’s a “real couple” anyway? In this revealing installment of Vice’s Hard To Say, we sat down with three couples to find out.

“We’ve been together for 12 years,” one couple shares. “We met in high school, and we actually didn’t start dating until after—but we did go to prom together. And we’re in a band.”

“We’ve been together for not too long—three months, actually,” says another. “It’s just one of those instant connections. It’s such a great thing—like a blooming flower.”

Watch the video above for BTS details about intimacy with kids in the house, safe sex, marriage aversion, and more, as these couples ask one another some of the “hard to say” questions that everyone faces in romantic relationships.