Trump is raking in mountains of cash ahead of 2020

A lot of people apparently want to keep him in the White House


Paradise Papers Are Another Hit to Justin Trudeau’s ‘Middle Class’ Agenda

Democracy is used by the rich to play a shell game in a two-tiered legal system.


Why Does the DNC Keep Fucking Up?

The Democratic National Committee could be leading the resistance against Trump, but it can't get out of its own way.


TIFF Is Raising $3 Million to Get More Women in Film

Seven percent of 2016's highest-grossing films were directed by women. The Toronto International Film Festival wants that to change.


Pulse Nightclub’s Resident DJs Are Looking for Work

As the club remains shut for the police investigation into the mass shooting, four DJs are looking for bookings.


The New Zealand Man Trying to Draw Attention to the Abduction of a Syrian Schoolteacher

Earlier this month, Usama Ajjan disappeared along with three Spanish journalists in Aleppo. But while the Spaniards made international news, Usama largely did not.


Strip Clubs Are Being Wiped Out of the South Bronx

Politicians are leading a witch-hunt in Hunts Point to shut down all of the local strip clubs by revoking their liquor licenses.


When Crowdfunding Goes Right: Compensating the Last Living Creator of the Famed "Amen Break"

A UK DJ has launched a fund to compensate the sole remaining Winston—and raised over $22,000.


Why Does Sarah Palin Want Your Money?

Sarah Palin isn't running for office, she doesn't have a TV show anymore, and she's less and less politically relevant. But she really, really wants people to pay attention to her, so she made a video all about how great she is. What a likable woman!