Editor of Canada’s Most Racist Paper Gets Year in Prison for Promoting Hate

James Sears, a former pick-up artist and editor of Your Ward News, was sentenced to a year in prison for promoting hatred against women and Jewish people.


“We’re drinking now”: The oldest newspaper in New Orleans just fired its entire staff

New Orleans is officially a one-newspaper town, sort of.


A Woman Called the Cops on a Black 11-Year-Old for Delivering Newspapers

It was the first day of his paper route.


Two of Canada’s largest newspapers just had their offices searched by competition agents

Postmedia and TorStar are under investigation for an “alleged conspiracy” after they swapped and closed three dozen small newspapers.


Canada Should Support Journalism, Not Newspaper Owners

Notes on a newspaper bailout.


Another Dark Day for Canadian Media: Part 3,476

Who the fuck needs news, I guess.


Early Edition Boston Globe Reports Patriots Lost

Can we live in this alternate universe? Even if it is in Florida?


This Newspaper Is Written by Refugees, for Refugees

"My personal aim," the co-founder of the publication told VICE, "is to make Daily Resistance the most feared newspaper in Germany, then the most feared newspaper in Europe, and eventually the most feared newspaper in the world."


​John Doyle or Margaret Wente: Doesn’t Matter, 'The Globe and Mail' Has Lost its Appeal

I saw one person reading a newspaper in a bar, so I hastily wrote a whole column about it and called it a week's work.


EU Referendum Update: Old People Seem Intent on Fucking Us Over Forever

We're probably leaving Europe, and it's all your nan's fault!


How to Tell When Statistics Are Bullshit

We asked Tim Harford, host of statistics podcast More Or Less, how we can find out when newspapers and politicians are being liberal with the truth.


Everything You Need to Know About Celebrity Injunctions

Injunctions are being widely misused to cover up the indiscretions of famous people and it's about time we put an end to it.