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Just Because You Can't Stop Taking Antidepressants, Doesn't Mean You're Addicted

Users often talk about depending on antidepressants like it's the same thing as being addicted to drugs like coke. Here's why that's wrong.
Maia Szalavitz

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Ketamine Saved My Life

The only health board in New Zealand offering ketamine to treat depression is closing the trial down. Jemima Lomax-Sawyers, who was a member of the trial, writes why that news is terrifying for patients.
Jemima Lomax-Sawyers
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The Daily Mail Is Obsessed With Stigmatising Antidepressants

Despite media guidelines and public complaints, the tabloid won’t give up on calling them ‘happy pills’.
Hannah Ewens
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Suicide-by-Text Trial's Latest Twist: It Was the Drugs

Michelle Carter, accused of goading her boyfriend into suicide via text when she was 17, wants a judge to believe she was sent over the rails by antidepressants.
Susan Zalkind
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Take the Depression Quiz Being Criticised By Experts

A drug company that manufactures antidepressants funded the questionnaire that GPs use to help diagnose depression. Sounds legit.
Hannah Ewens
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It's No Wonder Seaside Towns Are Prescribed the Most Antidepressants

The Isle of Wight's poor education, isolation and poorly paid, seasonal work have created the perfect storm for ill mental health.
Hannah Ewens
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The Poorest Areas of England Are Prescribed the Most Antidepressants

The North East is prescribed the most antidepressants per person, while the South East and London take the least.
VICE Staff
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You Can Make a Hell of a Lot of Money as a Drug-Dealing Restaurant Hostess

The bartender would send over these women looking for drugs, and I’d put pills in their coat pockets. They had no concept of money at all, so we started a pretty healthy business.

How Taking Testosterone Illegally Helped Manage My Depression

I have borderline low testosterone and severe depression. After my mental health hit an all time low, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Jon Nelson
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It Gets Better and Then It Gets Worse

What will I do with this column and my Twitter account if the sadness doesn't end? Do I keep writing about the experience of living with depression and anxiety, and exploring the nuances of sadness forever?
VICE Staff