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From the Mountains to the Mailbox: I Spent a Weekend with a Deep Web Drug Dealer

And watched firsthand how an online drug empire is run.


Kinetic Light Sculpture Visualizes the Deep Web with Lasers

Motorized spheres and 12 high-powered lasers bring light artist Christopher Bauder and composer Robert Henke's 'Deep Web' to life.


The UK Is the European Leader in Deep Web Drug Deals

We're second only to America when it comes to buying our bits online.


A Massive, Insane New Art Installation Is an IRL Version of the Internet's Dark Side

Welcome to the nightmarish, 50-room installation in a theatre basement that turns the underbelly of internet culture into a physical installation.


How to Make a Play About Technology as Human as Possible

'Darknet' opens this week at London's Southwark Playhouse. Playwright Rose Lewenstein and director Russell Bender discuss their creative process.


Oneohtrix Point Never Threads the 'Net for His Elusive New Album

The critically-acclaimed Garden of Delete was promoted through alternate personas and cryptic websites as Daniel Lopatin awaited its release.


A Popular Website for Hook-Ups Was Hacked and Millions of Horny People Got Exposed

The information released includes full names, email addresses (some with .gov accounts), marital status, IP addresses and sexual orientation.


Drug Dealers and Drug Users Just Got Swindled Out of £8m by the Internet's Biggest Illegal Marketplace

An expert we spoke to believes the fallout from the Evolution scam could result in multiple people being killed.


Closing Silk Road 2.0 Isn't Going to Stop Anyone from Selling Drugs Online

Targeting deep web marketplaces is like an endless, expensive game of whack-a-mole.


The Deep Web Could Make Human Smuggling Safer

Sites like Silk Road have made buying drugs much safer, so it makes sense they'd be able to do the same for migrants looking to illegally cross borders.


It's Art: Bitcoins Rain Down On A Deep Web T-Shirt

Today we're featuring media artist Jörg Brinkmann's "Deepshirt (excerpt)".


Aphex Twin Is Dropping Clues On the Deep Web About His New Album

Richard D. James used TOR to reveal the tracklist (and even BPM details) of "Syro," his first album in 14 years.