UK Black Pride

Why Hackney Is the Perfect New Home for UK Black Pride

We spoke to the organisers about why the event has moved from just south of the river in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens to Haggerston Park.
Jason Okundaye

Hackney Council Is Demolishing an Entire Estate to Build More Luxury Housing

The redevelopment of Hackney's Colville estate is supposed to be a model of regeneration, but really it's about turning public land into private profit.
Simon Elmer

Look: I Know Nothing About Yo La Tengo But You Probably Should

Their discography is daunting, they’re for nerds, they’re for you when you’re in your late twenties, and probably will be for years in the future.
Ryan Bassil

Why London's Restaurants Are Failing

UK restaurant closures increased by 20 percent last year. We spoke to some of the owners forced to close their businesses.
Phoebe Hurst
we saw this

I Went Out in Hackney to Find the After-Hours Carnage Worrying the Council

But instead of anti-social behaviour, all I found were trendy cocktail bars, some important venues, and a council willing to tear it all down.
Michael Segalov
Home Coming

Home Coming: Hackney

An intimate tour of one writer's home, one boarded-up nightclub at a time.
Daisy Jones

At This Gym, the Cafe Is as Important as the Workout

“It was always my goal to create a community space like I used to have in my gym in Brazil. You can train and compete but you don’t have to be arrogant."
Daisy Meager

The Community Cookery Class That Introduces People to Sushi—and Their Neighbours

The Made In Hackney cooking course brings residents from across the London borough together to learn how to cook dishes from different global cuisines.
Laura Martin
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: Hackney’s Bleakest One-Bed

Feel the joy escape your body like a sigh
Joel Golby

This British-Burmese Chef Serves Noodle Soup with a Side of Politics

“It's a big part of my heritage, I certainly don't agree with what's going on in Myanmar. It's devastating.”
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
food poverty

Here's How to Make Dinner for £1

London non-profit Bags of Taste teaches those on low incomes—or anyone looking to learn new culinary skills—easy and healthy recipes that can be made for just £1 a head.
Annie Lord
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: You Don’t Need Walls, Really, Do You?

In Hackney!
Joel Golby