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The First Legal Bulk Cannabis Shipment to the UK Has Arrived

Patients prescribed cannabis now don't have to wait months for their medicinal weed.


Good Luck Getting Medical Cannabis On the NHS

Despite official guidelines, doctors are reluctant to prescribe the drug, with one hospital posting a notice telling patients not to even bother asking.


The Legal Weed No One's Talking About

THCa is perfectly legal in the UK – until you heat it up and it turns into THC.


The UK's Biggest Legal Weed Producer Has Ignited Fresh Criticism

GW Pharmaceuticals has been accused by campaigners of trying to monopolise the UK's medical cannabis market – but some say they're doing exactly what they should be doing.


Private Patients to Get Easier Access to Medical Cannabis Than NHS Patients

Warns the UK's top medical cannabis expert.


Revealed: Families Threaten to Take NHS to Court Over Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis might now be legal in the UK, but for many, it's just as hard to access it as it's ever been.


The Problems with the UK's Legalisation of Medical Cannabis

And what could be done to fix them.


The UK Is Getting a Much Needed 'Medical Cannabis Society'

Only two chronically ill children have been granted access since the government announced it would review the laws surrounding medical cannabis. Professor Mike Barnes wants to do something about that.


The Story of Two Epileptic Sisters, One Who Can Get Medical Cannabis, the Other Who Can't

We spoke to the makers of a new documentary, 'Separating the Strains', which tells the story of US-based Chelsea Leyland and UK-based Tamsin.


I Had to Fight the British Government to Get Medical Cannabis for My Son

Charlotte Caldwell tells the story of how she took on the Home Office to save her son's life.


This New Data Reveals the Scale of the UK's Cannabis Industry

As the Home Office reviews the use of medical weed, campaigners say data shown to VICE demonstrates more hypocrisy from a government who say it has no medicinal benefits, while quietly granting hundreds of cannabis cultivation licenses.


The Home Office Can No Longer Pretend Cannabis Doesn't Save Lives

After returning 12-year-old Billy Caldwell's cannabis-derived medicine when he started suffering life-threatening epileptic seizures, the government has contradicted its long-held position that weed has "no therapeutic value".