The Harsh Lessons You Learn Flat-Hunting in Your Late Twenties

Hello, to loss, denial, grief and crucially: realising you’re old, and looking for a new place on your own.
Hannah Ewens
Life For Rent

Life For Rent: My Mean Neighbours Are Making Up Noise Complaints About Me

In this week's rental advice column, a nasty neighbour threatens to snitch on a letter-writer for being too loud in their flat.
Vicky Spratt
Question Of The Day

We Asked Londoners the Worst Things About Living in London

“The price of a pint.”
Daisy Dalgliesh
generation rent

We Spoke to the Legends Who Took Their Landlord to Court and Won

Ben Leonard, who recently won a court case against his landlord, told us how he and his housemates fought the system.
Lauren O'Neill
Late Capitalism

Anti-Amazon Fever Is Spreading, and Big Tech Companies Should Be Worried

After the company's deal collapsed in New York, the next community-upending project might be a tougher sell.
Ankita Rao

Inside the Tiny Kitchens of London’s Canal Boat Dwellers

"It’s so cozy. But I’d still really quite like a toaster!”
Nancy Smallwood
money brain

Most Money Advice Is Worthless When You’re Poor

Savings tips are classist garbage and belong in the trash.
Talia Jane

I Tried Renting Out My Hallway Cupboard for £350

The housing market is so bad that it made me wonder: how bad does a room have to be to actually put people off?
Paul Schwenn
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: An IKEA Show Room in Fulham

I also have: a theory about towels.
Joel Golby
Late Capitalism

Cities Are for Rich People Now, and Wooing Amazon Only Makes It Worse

Local officials across America are trying to attract the mega-corporation's new headquarters. That is not going to help your rent.
Matt Taylor

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

"Rentquake" is coming, as rent payments approach parity with mortgage repayments!
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Parents Sue 30-Year-Old Adult Son Who Refuses to Move Out

He won't do chores, he won't move his car, and now – after his parents gave him five written notices – he's being evicted.
Drew Schwartz