TED talks


GWAR, the World's Only "Openly Extraterrestrial" Band, Gave a TED Talk About Regional Identity

It started with a human sacrifice and ended with a concise lesson about race relations and economic struggle.


Explore Artist Simon Denny's Absurdist Vision of Silicon Valley

Simon Denny's installations at MoMA PS1 create an unflinchingly faithful and thus deeply confounding portrayal of the tech industry.


TED Talks Aren't Making My Generation Smart – They're Making Us Stupid

I haven't had an independent thought in years. Sometimes, I forget my own name.


Humans Have Become Too Good at Lying

From politicians to criminals, relationships to media relations, we're all liars living in a lying world. But how much do we care?


'Effective Altruists' Are a New Type of Nice Person

These young rationalists are taking high-paid jobs and giving away their salaries.


My Father Was a Terrorist

I spoke to Zak Ebrahim, whose dad helped to mastermind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.


TED Talk Parodies Are Now Lamer than TED Talks

We already know the TED Talk tropes, from the aggro-dudes, to the overly maudlin family stories, and the form just endures. Rehashing what's wrong with the lame ones is a waste of everyone's time.


Beginner's Luck? Data Researcher Sells His First Piece Of Art To The Whitney

TED Fellow, Jean-Baptiste Michel, says "I really consider this a very direct consequence of my being a TED Fellow." So modest!


Timelapses Of Microscopic Nature, In All Its Stunning (And Disgusting) Glory

Louie Schwartzberg's recent TED Talk gets really up-close-and-personal with nature (we're talking snail tongues...)


20 Best TED Talks

Because no one has time to sort through them all.


The TED Conference's Centerpiece Sculpture Is A Living Artwork That Responds To Nature

Janet Echelman's shape-shifting, "Skies Painted With Unnumbered Sparks," parallels the diverse speakers at the 30th TED.


Pass On The Snacks, A DNA Vending Machine Now Exists

Put your money in the box, leave with someone else's DNA.