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Author Writing Book About Murderous Author Arrested for Murder

"I've been waiting for you here all this time," Liu Yongbiao reportedly told the arresting officers.
Lauren Messman
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Read 'The Pornographers', New Fiction From Ottessa Moshfegh

A short story by the young American writer.
Ottessa Moshfegh
Noisey News

Marc Spitz, Music Journalist and Author, Dead at 47

He wrote for ‘Spin,’ ‘Rolling Stone,’ and ‘Salon’ as well as publishing ‘Twee: A History’ and ‘How Soon Is Never?’
Alex Robert Ross

Some of Shakespeare's Plays Officially Have a Co-Author

An upcoming collection for Oxford University Press credits Marlowe with collaborating on Shakespeare's 'Henry VI' plays.
Lauren Messman
The Sick Day Issue

Eimear McBride Is Back

The writer's second novel, <i>The Lesser Bohemians</i>, took nine years to write and comes out this month.
Lauren Oyler

The Bizarre Story of JT Leroy, the World Famous Author Who Didn't Exist

We spoke to Jeff Feuerzeig, director of a new documentary about literature's greatest hoax.
Roisin Agnew
so sad today

​Only Everyone Can Judge Me

I take solace in the realization that the river of haterade is going to flow no matter what.
So Sad Today
Last Call

This Montreal Bartender Can't Make Cocktails But He's One Hell Of a Storyteller

Grumpy’s is one of the last true dive bars in Montreal. Once the stomping ground of Canadian literary heroes like Nick Auf Der Maur and Mordechai Richler, it has evolved into a haunt for musicians, intellectuals, and degenerates alike.
Nick Rose

Submit Your Art to This Crowd-Sourced Zine Time Capsule

If you're a NY-based artist, here's a chance to be published.
Nathaniel Ainley

Famous Authors' Iconic Works Become Illustrated Architectures

"Intelligence is an accident of evolution, and not necessarily an advantage." — Isaac Asimov
Nathaniel Ainley

A Group of Writers in Brussels Were Discussing How to Deal with Terror While the City Was Under Attack

I got in touch with writer Andrey Kurkov to find out how those guys viewed the Brussels attacks and how the rest of their time together was spent.
Ewout Lowie
Inside Outsider

What I Learned as a Young Muslim Reading Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses'

'The Satanic Verses' is to Muslim intellectuals what 'Infinite Jest' is to hipsters: It's on everyone's shelves and they all have strong opinions on the author, but most haven't read past the first 30 pages.
Mahmood Fazal