'Too Much For You,' Today's Comic by OH MU

A girl learns that self-love is the best love in today's comic.


VICE Sports Investigates: The Alonzo Mourning Acceptance GIF

In one of the best GIFs ever made, Alonzo Mourning goes from anger to bemused understanding. We found its origins, which is a very bad basketball game.


I Used to Be in Love with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon was my Backstreet Boys and it was embarrassing.


The Importance of Meryl Streep's Speech in the Age of Trump

A professor of feminist film explains why it's increasingly significant for celebrities to publicly hold the status-obsessed President-elect publicly accountable.


It Gets Better and Then It Gets Worse

What will I do with this column and my Twitter account if the sadness doesn't end? Do I keep writing about the experience of living with depression and anxiety, and exploring the nuances of sadness forever?


We Meet Members of India's Third-Gender Community on 'GAYCATION'

Ian and Ellen talk with an Indian pop group using music to raise awareness about the hijra population, one of the world's oldest recorded third gender communities, on the next episode of 'GAYCATION.'


Americans Are More Bisexual Than Ever, Study Says

Researchers found that the percentage of Americans that say they've had a same-sex experience has doubled since the early 1990s for both men and women.


How America's Muslims Have Handled 15 Years of Post-9/11 Islamophobia

Dearborn, Michigan, has been the target of anti-Islamic sentiment since 9/11, but in reality, it is the model of a peaceful community where people of various faiths live alongside one another without conflict.


We Revisit This Year's Major Transgender Issues on Today's 'Daily VICE'

This year saw both a massive rise in trans visibility, but also a spike in violence against those who identify as trans.


How Britain's Young Muslims Deal with the Media's Portrayal of Islam

Last week, a report revealed that if you're Muslim, you're far more likely to be unemployed than the average Brit. We spoke to some young Muslims about the stories that lead to this kind of marginalization.


Inside Miracle Village, Florida's Isolated Community of Sex Offenders

Sofia Valiente's photographs explore how the most ostracized people in Western society live.


The Stages of Grief for the Chronically Single

I had to go through a bunch of emotions before I could finally end up at my current state of being not at all worried about my perpetual singleness. Those emotions look strangely like the traditional stages of grief.