Craft Beer

This Peanut Butter-Flavored Beer Looks Like A KKK Member

And yet somehow neither of those things is why it might be discontinued.
Bettina Makalintal
Far-Right Extremism

Former Neo-Nazis Tell Us How They Finally Left the Movement

As much as we’d like hate groups to disappear off the face of the Earth, many members leave and reintegrate into regular society.
Mack Lamoureux

"Art Has The Power to Change Things": Love Music Hate Racism Is Returning

"Just because racists seem to have the loudest voices, doesn't mean they have a point."
Daisy Jones

We Asked Some Protesters What They Thought About the UK's New Prime Minister

Protesters marched through central London on Saturday, under the 'No to Austerity, No to Racism' banner, so we asked them about Theresa May's new crew.
Sam Sargeant
Europe: The Final Countdown

How the UK Will Fight Racism Now That Brexit Has Won

The political class has given up, so we have to do it ourselves.
Wail Qasim

Oslo Has 'Racism Inspectors' Who Police Discrimination at the City's Nightclubs

The City of Oslo has been hiring people to wait in lines at clubs to see if they get turned away because of their skin color since 2010.
Kristian Magnus

Mark Duggan's 'Just' Killing and the Battle Over Black Life and Death

It's been nearly four years since the killing of Mark Duggan, and in some ways it feels as though we are even further from justice now than we were in August 2011.
Wail Qasim

Racist Billboards Are Popping Up Around the South

The most recent one, in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, warns against a coming "white genocide."
Arielle Pardes

Performers in London's 'Racist' Human Zoo Exhibit Are Angry It's Been Shut Down

Activists halted a show candidly exploring the legacy of European colonialism, and before anyone could assess the piece's merits, a bevy of black actors in London lost their jobs.
JS Rafaeli

The Swedish Police Is Keeping Tabs on Roma Immigrants

The Swedish police keeps a registry that contains detailed information about 4,029 people of Roma descent. More than half of the people on the registry have no criminal record, and there were 1,000 children on the list who are too young to have even...
Kai Teo, Photos: Cesar Ortiz
This Week in Racism

Apparently if You Make a "Ghetto Tracker" App, People Will Get Really Angry

Someone decided that making an app designed to help rich (presumably white) people avoid poor (presumably black and brown) neighborhoods was a good idea. Turns out that it isn't.
Dave Schilling