Exploring the U.S.-Mexico Border with Top Ultra Runners

Three ultra marathon runners from the U.S. and Mexico explore the border between these two countries and met the people who call it home.


We Got Cameras Inside One of the Biggest ICE Detention Centers. This Is What We Saw.

Inmates are given color-coded uniforms to denote their threat level: blue for no criminal history, orange means arrested in the U.S., and red means "serious."


We Toured Carrizo Springs, the Newest Shelter for Migrant Kids: “We Do Things Differently Here”

Other temporary facilities have been plagued by allegations of substandard care and abuse.


U.N. Human Rights Chief "Appalled" by Conditions of Child Detention at U.S. Border

“As a pediatrician, but also as a mother and a former head of state, I am deeply shocked."


Nancy Pelosi Just Got Rolled by Mitch McConnell on Immigration: “I Think She Got Sabotaged”

Senate Republicans got pretty much everything they wanted in a $4.5 billion border funding bill.


Do Any of the 2020 Democrats Want to Abolish ICE? We Broke Down Their Immigration Plans.

Some have more robust plans than others. Some don't have any at all.


Tired of Smuggling Humans Over the Border, Mexican Cartels Are Refocusing on Drugs

This does not bode well for overdoses in the U.S.


Trump Is Trying to Use Those ICE Raids to Squeeze DHS Funding Out Of Democrats

President Donald Trump has called off an immigration raid targeting at least 2,000 asylum-seeking families — for now.


ICE Blames “Processing Delays” For Keeping Migrant Kids in a Hot Van for 2 Nights

The children had been separated from their parents at the border.


DHS is finally getting rid of those cages for kids it says were totally not cages

DHS has been doing gymnastics about what to call the fenced-in holding pens.


Exclusive: The U.S. used suspect evidence to push young Bangladeshi migrants into adult detention

Immigration agencies moved dozens of people from children's facilities, sometimes using weak evidence, a VICE News investigation has found.


Get ready for more tent cities at the border

Border Patrol is running out of beds. It's about to get a lot worse.