child pornography


R. Kelly’s Attorney Lost Him for an Entire Night Before His Child Porn Court Date

Kelly eventually appeared and pleaded not guilty.


R. Kelly Was Just Slapped With His Most Serious Sexual Assault Charges Yet

Four of the charges each carry a maximum sentence of up to 30 years.


My Friend Was a Rising Comic. Then He Was Charged with Child Pornography

On betrayal, rage, and searching for answers.


Former Republican state senator sentenced to 15 years for child sex trafficking

Ralph Shortley had used fake names for years in online posts to receive child pornography and seek sexual encounters with boys


Meet the Hacker Who Busts Child Pornographers on the Dark Net

Einar Otto Stangvik talks with us about online child pornography, self-developed hacking tools, the police who ran the abusive sites—and why he comes up with the best ideas while dreaming.


Teens Caught Sexting Could Soon Face 15 Years in Prison

A new bill just passed the House with overwhelming support.


DOJ, FBI Executives Approved Running a Child Porn Site

A court transcript shows that running Playpen as part of a child pornography sting was approved by the higher levels of each department.


Australian Dark Web Hacking Campaign Unmasked Hundreds Globally

The investigation into The Love Zone child pornography site was much larger in scope than previously thought.


Newly Uncovered Tor Browser Exploit Targeted Dark Web Child Porn Site

The Tor Project issued an urgent patch for a new exploit targeting some users of the Tor Browser.


The FBI Hacked Over 8,000 Computers In 120 Countries Based on One Warrant

With upcoming changes to Rule 41, experts think this is only the beginning of worldwide hacking by law enforcement agencies.


Twitter Is Fighting an Uphill Battle to Censor Sexualised Images of Children

A much overlooked aspect of Twitter is how it is being used to share sexualised images of underage girls.