Opera Is Launching a Web Browser for Gamers

Opera GX has Twitch integration and automatically limits the amount of RAM and processing power it uses so your games don't crash.
Nicole Carpenter

Google Struggles to Justify Why It's Restricting Ad Blockers in Chrome

Google says the changes will improve performance and security. Ad block developers and consumer advocates say Google is simply protecting its ad dominance.
Karl Bode

Hackers Accessed Smart TVs to Play PewDiePie Propaganda Videos

The devices are allegedly hacked to play a video encouraging people to subscribe to the channel and fix their devices.
Samantha Cole
Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Putting Edge on Chromium Will Fundamentally Change the Web

The move will allow deeper integration of Chromium and Chrome on Windows, which will lead to major improvements in performance and battery life.
Owen Williams
The Weakest Link

The Hack Millions of People Are Installing Themselves

Security conscious users keep their operating system and other software up to date, but a huge risk is often overlooked: the underground trade of malicious browser extensions that people install themselves.
Joseph Cox

This Chrome Extension Shows You the Internet as If You Were Colorblind

“Colorblindly” is an app that helps designers make their websites more accessible.
Samantha Cole

Google Chrome Made a Small UI Tweak, and People Are Freaking Out

A new feature on the latest version of the Chrome browser led some security and privacy experts to think Google is now secretly logging users into Chrome to surreptitiously track their browsing habits.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Millions of Chrome Users Have Installed Malware Posing as Ad Blockers

Andrey Meshkov, the cofounder of ad-blocker AdGuard, took a look at the script in some popular ad-blocking knockoffs and found some shady business.
Kaleigh Rogers
Internet Insecurity

Chrome Is Scanning Files on Your Computer, and People Are Freaking Out

Some cybersecurity experts and regular users were surprised to learn about a Chrome tool that scans Windows computers for malware. But there’s no reason to freak out about it.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
No platform

This Anarchist Browser Plug-In Wants You to Fight Fascism on the Internet

Help remove far-right propaganda from YouTube with this extension for Chrome and Firefox.
Arvind Dilawar

Just .69 Percent of Americans Use Opera, Which Is a Bummer Because it's Like Chrome But Better

Opera is built on the same engine as Chrome but is optimized to use less memory, which has made life much less frustrating for tab-obsessed users.
Jason Koebler
zero days

How a Tiny Startup Became the Most Important Hacking Shop You’ve Never Heard Of

Inside the secretive industry that helps government hackers get around encryption.
Joseph Cox
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai