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Try and Look Away From These Satisfying, Perfectly Looped Animations

German designer Branco Rooijakkers’s mesmerizing loops defy all laws of physics.


Humanoid Machines Live in Harmony with Nature in These CG Artworks

Digital artist Marcus Conge shows cybernetic beings as part of nature, not apart from it.


Mysterious Noir Vibes Infuse This Ghostly Animation

Distilled photographic compositions create a mysterious, enigmatic feel in Art&Graft​'s animated short. ​


Zolloc’s Latest GIFs Are Endless Color Therapy

The New York-based artist's brightly colored loops are set against monotone color backgrounds.


Humanoids Erupt into Colored Smoke in Dazzling CGI Portraits

Antoni Tudisco's CGI experiments are designed to confuse the real and the surreal.


Get Physical with Esteban Diacono’s Unbelievable Body Animations

The Argentinian motion graphics designer makes human bodies do the impossible in his mesmerizing animations.


Artist Generates Hundreds of Unique Polygonal Alien Insects

'Biotop from Polygonia' is artist Chaotic Atmosphere's collectable species of imaginary Cinema 4D-rendered insects.


Big Brands Are Reimagined as Weapons of Destruction

See what your favorite company looks like as a missile.


Dance with Your Favorite KAWS Characters in a 360° Fan Vid

Animator and designer PJ Richardson made an interactive video so you can shake it with your favorite art toys.


Claymation Rotoscoping Is Now a Thing—And It's Incredible

Experimental filmmaker Baku Hashimoto reveals what 'Gumby' might look like, if the little green man dropped acid.


It's Cool to Play with Your Food in This Virtual Reality Game

New VR game 'Playthings' makes players use snacks as instruments.


Uh Oh, 3D GIFs Infiltrated Reality

No the acid's not kicking in, it's just a new technique Kidmograph is trying out.