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Dance with Your Favorite KAWS Characters in a 360° Fan Vid

Animator and designer PJ Richardson made an interactive video so you can shake it with your favorite art toys.
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If you've ever looked into the crossed-out eyes of one of Brooklyn-based artist KAWS' droopy Mickey Mouse mutations and felt like dancing, now is your chance. This month, designer/animator and creative director at Laundry design studio, PJ Richardson, released an interactive 360° video that puts the viewer at the center of a dance party with eight of KAWS’ companions. Richardson describes the project as a fan video he made to help teach himself a little bit character animation as well as how to get CGI renders in a 360/VR space using Cinema 4D and Octane Render. “And of course, how to make a dance party,” he tells The Creators Project.


The group of dancers appear to have assembled in a closed, four-sided gallery space, fluorescent lighting and all. A funky breakbeat slowly emerges and they appear to surround you, the 360° camera, in the middle of the gallery. On each of the four walls lies an original painting by Brian Donnelly, the man behind the KAWS trademark. Not only has Richardson created a digital dance-off with your favorite art toys, he’s also constructed an indiscreet digital gallery experience. Experience the dance party for yourself below:

You can check out more work by PJ Richardson on his website.


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