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Save Yourselves

How This British Climate Action Group Is Aiding the Fight Against Global Warming

We met members of Extinction Rebellion to talk about their plans to save the world.
Emily Goddard

600 Fake Ads Flood Paris to Protest Climate Talks

We spoke to street art group Brandalism's chief organizer about why art is the best weapon against climate change.
Beckett Mufson

British and American Immigrant Detainees Are Going on Hunger Strikes for the Same Rights

A culture of criminalization increasingly shapes migrant life on both sides of the Atlantic.
Aviva Stahl

The Battle in Colorado Over the Right to Smoke Weed at Movie Screenings and Comic-Cons

Denver has made life miserable for anyone trying to host a show or party that is advertised as allowing pot smoke. But the demand for cannabis clubs and weed-friendly venues is putting the massive grey areas of Colorado's marijuana laws to the test.
Josiah Hesse

Let's Not Get Hung Up on Property Damage When We Talk About Protests

News reports on protests that focus on broken windows or a shop's momentary loss of income are missing the broader context of why people take to the streets to demand change.
Rick Paulas

The Dark Side of the Rainbow Gathering

Authorities in Utah are already grappling with the more sinister elements of the Rainbow Family Gathering.
Grace Wyler

Activst Kai Newkirk Wants You to Disrupt the Supreme Court

His plan to overturn Citizens United involves 10,000 people committing acts of civil disobedience across the US.
Peter Rugh

Live Stream: The Fat Jew Is Protesting Outside Instagram's Offices

Take the Fat Jew's Instagram account down once, shame on you. Take the Fat Jew's Instagram account down twice, shame on him. Take the Fat Jew's Instagram account down three times, and he will chain himself half naked to a lamppost outside your...
VICE Staff