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Black Market T-Mobile Location Data Tied to Spot of a Triple Murder

In 2017, two bounty hunters and a fugitive died in a chaotic shoot-out. Shortly after their deaths, someone started tracking one of the bounty hunter's phones.
Joseph Cox
Big data

Here’s a Long List of Data Broker Sites and How to Opt-Out of Them

How to get off of people search sites like Pipl, Spokeo, and WhitePages.
Yael Grauer

What Are 'Data Brokers,' and Why Are They Scooping Up Information About You?

These sites you haven't heard of are sharing boatloads of data about you.
Yael Grauer

Cambridge Analytica's Ad Targeting Is the Reason Facebook Exists

Thousands of third party apps were designed solely to obtain and sell your data. It's no surprise that the data ended up being used again on Facebook, one of the biggest advertising platforms on Earth.
Jason Koebler
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

What Happens to the Data Collected On Us While We Sleep

Who are the sleep data brokers?
Meghan Neal
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Bernie Sanders Is Very Worried About Your Data

But if Sanders is serious about curbing the power of Big Data, he might want to start with his own website.
Drew Millard

Yes, Someone Could Be Watching Your Every Move Through Your MacBook's Camera Right Now

Not to freak you out or anything, but you should probably be more paranoid when you're online.
Drew Millard

I Am Capital

We must become the owners and the brokers of our own data.
Hannes Grassegger

​Your Porn Is Watching You

“If you are watching porn online in 2015, you should expect that at some point your porn viewing history will be publicly released and attached to your name.”
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Your Data Is Worth $8 a Month

Would you give up your personal data for $100 a year?
Meghan Neal
Motherboard Blog

Inside the Web’s $156 Billion Invisible Industry

The government conducted a year-long investigation into the secretive and lucrative world data brokers.
Meghan Neal
Motherboard Blog

Data Brokers Are Combining Your Online and Real-World Actions Into a Super-Profile

Are we really comfortable with advertisers having that level of insight about our lives?
Meghan Neal