Bryan Cranston Advocated for Disabled Actors While Taking a Role from One

In 'The Upside,' his upcoming film with Kevin Hart, Cranston plays a man with quadriplegia, and the politics are complicated.
Taylor Hosking
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Delta Tied a Woman with MS to a Wheelchair After Her Flight, Son Claims

An airline employee allegedly told her to "shut the fuck up" when she started crying.
Drew Schwartz

Protesters with disabilities were handcuffed and dragged out of a House committee meeting

At least five protesters could be seen being taken away by police.
Alexa Liautaud
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Trumpcare could cost disabled Americans their independence

Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani
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How The Team Behind 'The Surge' Developed Their Disabled Protagonist

In a game about beating up robots, the game opens by grounding the main character in a situation that's pretty unique to video games.
Patrick Klepek

German Political Party Suggests Paying for Disabled People to Visit Sex Workers

A spokesperson for Germany's Green Party has proposed a scheme that would allow disabled people to pay for the services of sex workers. We asked a disability rights campaigner about the proposal.
Sirin Kale

This Chinese Bakery Is Giving Disabled Orphans a Chance at Success

Bread of Life, which marked its tenth anniversary this year, is staffed by disabled orphans who largely had no cooking experience before they took on jobs here.
Jamie Fullerton

'Pokémon Go' Anti-Cheating Tactics Prevent Disabled People From Playing

Niantic issues ban to disabled player who was using an emulator to recreate walking around her local park.
Leif Johnson

Meet the Disabled Artists Creating a New Space for Talent in the Art World

At the Creative Growth Art Center, a professional studio for artists with physical and intellectual disabilities, men and women gather in a shared workspace filled with paint, ceramics, and endless opportunities for creativity and joy.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
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Everything We Know About the Knife Attack in Japan That Killed At Least 19

Satoshi Uematsu gave multiple warnings that he planned to go through with one of the biggest mass murders in Japanese history.
Allie Conti

The Pleasure and Pain of Being Disabled in the BDSM Community

"People were always kind of onboard with me being a submissive or masochist—although they were always worried about hitting me too hard and knocking a joint out of place."
Mark Hay
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Inside a Mexican Cooking Workshop for the Blind

Destellos de Sabor (Sparks of Flavor) is a free cooking workshop that offers culinary training and new opportunities for people with disabilities.
Salomón García