documentary photography


Instagram's Boundary-Pushing Documentary Photographers

We found six shooters who are making groundbreaking work in the genre.


Electrifying Photos of Cuba's Thriving Music Scene

Photographer Thomas Pratt's new book focuses on the everyday lives of rappers, drummers, and rumba groups in Santiago de Cuba.


Vintage Photos by the NYPD's "Red Squad" Capture a City in Turmoil

A new exhibition traces the social and political upheaval of New York City in the 1960s and '70s through surveillance photos taken by a special police division.


This Chinese Town Manufactures Almost Everything ‘Made in China’

Photographer Raffaele Petralla captures scenes from Yiwu, China, the largest small commodities market in the world.


Sun-Kissed Film Photos Show Youth Blooming in Beirut

Gogy Esparza and Jey Perie show the universality and complexity of youth culture through objective portrayals of Lebanese youth.


Stark Photos Document the Dangerous Lives of Indonesian Sulfur Miners

Lena Tsibizova travelled to Java to chronicle the lives of those who toil there.


Striking Photos Document Life in Israeli Settlements on the West Bank

Michele I. Arazi’s series 'Homestead' encourages listening and learning—especially where groups disagree.


Immigration to Israel, Explored in Two Controversial Photography Projects

The Israel Museum puts two very different photography projects about immigration side by side.


50 Faces of Young America

Arresting photographs by Richard Renaldi


Remembering Mary Ellen Mark, a Legendary Documentarian and Mentor to Generations of Photographers

In December, months before her death, I talked to the photographer about what makes a good photo and her teaching process.


#SelfieWithASailor: Fleet Week Invaded NYC—and Your Instagram

What intrigued me about Fleet Week was the way the servicemen and women were swallowed up by New York City and became another attraction in the cutthroat market of the Big Apple's iconography.


The Sensational Architecture of the Strangest Village in Lebanon

Inside the weird and wonderful airplane houses, Greek temples, and pyramid architectures of Miziara.